Since leaving the archives Bond then travels in a tank chase through the Russian streets of St Petersburg to the depot to start the next level as in the film

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Contact Valentin
  • Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
  • Minimize civilian casualties


After escaping KGB interrogation at the military archives, Natalya has been recaptured by General Ourumov. She is being taken by car to the Janus operations base in St. Petersburg.

M BriefingEdit

Get after them, 007! We can't afford to let the trail go cold, and the chances are they'll lead you straight to Trevelyan. Keep a clear head though, any civilian casualties on the streets of St. Petersburg could create an unfortunate international incident. We believe that Valentin Zukovsky is still in the area - he may be able to help you.

Q BranchEdit

No gadgets this time, 007. Though you should be on the lookout for hardware the Russians may have left lying around. Keys in the ignition and all that, old chap.


I don't think she's worth the trouble, James.

Perhaps you should be looking closer to home for a more reliable woman?

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