You may have noticed that certain characters, usually special security forces sent in during an alarm or later on in the game's mission mode, wear black sunglasses.  While their main use is to protect the wearer's eyes from harsh sunlight, they're also known throughout popular culture as a way to instantly make you look "cool".  Be it cooler or more threatening, they definitely change a person's image.  This is no different in GoldenEye.


The sunglasses are built directly into the head model, and are only activated through toggling bitflag 00000001 in the character object block.  However, not everyone has glasses setup in their file.  The entire main cast of characters lacks them, as well as every female head.  Toggling the bitflag on any of them will leave no visual change.

Head Models w/o Sunglasses Edit

CheadbalaclaZ: Terrorist (Balaclava)

CheadbikeZ: Biker1

CheadbrosnanZ: Brosnan (Multiplayer / Special)

CheadbrosnanboilerZ: Brosnan (Special Operations Uniform)

CheadbrosnansnowZ: Brosnan (Parka)

CheadbrosnansuitZ: Brosnan (Dress Suit)

CheadbrosnantimberZ: Brosnan (Jungle Fatigues)

Cheadjoe2Z: Joe (Altered)

CheadmandyZ: Mandy

CheadmarionZ: Marion

CheadmishkinZ: Mishkin (Tcheky Karyo)

CheadsallyZ: Sally

CheadvivienZ: Vivien

1: While the biker head does wear glasses, it is not possible to toggle them on or off with the sunglasses bitflag.

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