Terralite III

Terralite III

Rate of Fire
Magazine Size
30, 38 (extended)
Unlock at Level/Rank
25 (Lieutenant Commander 4)

The Terralite III varies depending on version; on the Wii it is a select-fire Colt AR-15A3 Tactical Carbine, while in Reloaded it is an M4 Carbine and is limited to 3-round burst mode only.


The Terralite III is a select-fire carbine and is classified as an assault rifle in Goldeneye Wii. The weapon combines a high rate of fire, decent damage and good range, making it one of the best all around weapons in the game.

This gun is similar to the AR33 in the N64 version of Goldeneye. It can be fitted with most attachments ex. grenade launcher, silencer , ACOG scope, reflex sight, thermal scope, and laser sight.

The thermal scope may come in handy, as it would on a sniper rifle, but it's not recommended. The silencer would be your best bet in online multiplayer. This is probably your best choice for split screen multiplayer, as one Terralite loadout features a grenade launcher, and the other (with the ACOG scope) comes equipped with proximity mines.


  • The Reloaded Terralite III model has been seen in footage of 007: Legends in the Moonraker level.

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