Township is the third GoldenEye 007 map to be created with the Valve Hammer Editor. flopperr999 commissioned the project. It is his first released map. Township 2 is already underway.

Map SettingEdit

The map itself is huge. Just when you think you're safe...think again! Each building has an intricate design to them, including elements such as windows, peek-holes, and sniping points. This map took countless hours to create, import, etc, fix bugs, release, only to find more bugs, fix bugs, re-release, etc etc etc. However the countless hours were worth it. The map can withstand 4P action just like its current rivalStadium.

Why don't you download it and give it a shot! :D


flops you can edit this entire article to you liking. Scorpion123 03:55, 18 October 2008 (UTC)

Township Download

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