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The long delayed, first-ever custom mission. The Mining Caves, using the Caves multiplayer environment, is partly based on the film A View To A Kill. In it, Bond must put a stop to Max Zorin's plans of destroying Silicon Valley and cornering the world's microchip market. To do this, he'll need to make his way through an abandoned silver mine, defeat the genetically enhanced May Day, and disarm a massive explosives cache.


a: Disarm explosives
b: Retire May Day
c: Find helicopter ignition key
d: Escape in helicopter


Max Zorin is a German born industrialist with prior connections to the KGB. A genius, he speaks five languages and oversees a successful, albeit suspicious horse breeding operation. With influential friends in the government, Zorin has been able to keep himself out of hot water until now. His recent involvement in the electronics market has made him a target of former allies.

M BriefingEdit

Our contact in the KGB has confirmed that Zorin is planning an attack on Silicon Valley, in an attempt to become the world's leading microchip supplier. Apparently, a massive explosives cache is to be detonated in an abandoned silver mine, triggering a series of catastrophic earthquakes. The entire city would be flooded with nearby lake water within hours. This disaster must be prevented, Bond.

Q BranchEdit

I've equipped you with a specialized bomb defuser, 007. It's capable of overriding any security system or booby-trap that you may encounter while disarming the device. All you'll need to do is connect it to the detonator and press the activation switch. Sound simple? It is. But you can bet your bottom that it wasn't as easy for me to design. Do try and return it in working condition.


Where ever Max Zorin goes, his personal bodyguard is sure to follow. She's an Amazonian assassin by the name of May Day.

Don't let her beauty become a distraction, James. Otherwise, the whole world might just cave in on you.

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