Yoshida dam 2

yoshida dam 2nd image

Yoshida dam
Yoshida dam 3

yoshida dam image 3

Yoshida dam 4
The Yoshida Dam is the followup mission to the Japanese Nuclear Facility.

KAIENTAI RO&D have been found on the Yoshida Dam in Northern Japan,Osaka. The Security have been specially trained for your arrival so be Prepared to Fight or on the other hand "PREPARE TO DIE" The RO&D Cheif of Security Oddjob is Dead now it is time to go for there Weapons, Delete all the imformation that is stored on their Circuit Boards, if you find them and hopefully try reason with the Leader of KAIENTAI RO&D "TAKA Michinoku9.1" Good Luck. YOU WILL NEED IT.

Objectives Edit

(A).Destroy Nuclear Weapons.

(B).Negociate with TAKA Michinoku9.1

(C).Obtain and Delete Circuit Systems

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